Mother Nature: The Wrath of a Diva

Mother Nature showing off..

First let me just say, that the natural beauty created by Mother Nature is as miraculous as it is awesome. Yet in all her splendor, she can be unpredictable, childish, impetuous, weird and destructive. (sounds a bit psychotic to me, or at the minimum bi-polar) So what is it that makes this serene goddess of natural beauty inflict her wrath upon us, like an immature whiny vindictive bitch? Have we done something to piss her off again? Has God become so overwhelmed with our bad behavior, that he/she has taken on a partner to lessen the load? Yes…that must be it.

The wrath of Mother Nature effects all of us deeply; disrupting our plans, leaving us stranded, destroying our things (now that’s just spiteful) and pushing us closer to the edge of insanity with every snow day (if you have small children.) Why? Because she’s a Diva, that’s why. It’s just her way of telling us capriciously, that she’s bigger, badder, and grander than all of us and our pitiful little forecasts…Sounds like insecurity to me.

So how did she become the self-involved goddess she is; and how is it she gets to play the PMS card every time? Why aren’t we standing up to her and taking action—forcing her resignation…impeaching her? Geez, at the very least revoking her weather license!

“..That’s the thing about Mother Nature, she really doesn’t care what economic bracket you’re in…”  -Whoopi

Because Mother Nature doesn’t stop for anyone or anything. Whether you’re in awe or indifferent, you’re just as likely to be graced with a cool gentle breeze on a warm day as you are thrashed by unparalleled forces of devastation. She’s got you by the balls, like it or not. Despite my whining, the awesome power of Mother Nature deserves respect—she is one badass! We can only hope this is a phase and that these tantrums will pass.

In the meantime, if this goddess of nature needs to be praised, revered, and her ego stroked a bit, I’ll reduce myself, because I know first hand that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

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