Female Midlife Crisis – Embracing Middle-Aged Madness

“Like a true nature’s child, we were born, born to be wild..”

If “midlife crisis” has become such a cliche, conjuring up images of straight men in toupees, speeding around in red convertibles with a twenty-something blond all sprawled in the front seat, then what are we women headed for when it’s time to be invaded—an eat, pray, love moment? A nip here, two tucks there? An affair with a woman? Do we challenge our hormones to a duel? What does a female midlife crisis look like anyway? Is there an equivalent of a “midlife crisis” for women or are we destined to become crazy old bats?

As if the hormonal chaos wasn’t enough to look forward to, now we have this psychological siege in our late forties and fifties, that forces us to re-evaluate our lives and initiate this intense questioning period (like we don’t do that often enough!) A sudden sense of mortality hits us like a ton of bricks and out comes the bucket list. But this state of mind is not all bad, believe it or not. It often leaves us with that second chance at becoming the person we really want to be, and not the direction we simply fell into. For this to happen though, you do need to have an open mind, and not be resistant to change. Like so many other things, attitude is everything.

Middle-age need not signify the beginning of an end, but rather a pause that brings new vigor, more passion, a sense of freedom and an overall revealing of your hidden self—and if your hidden self wants to explore a fantastic feast of midlife sexuality, then so be it. Nothing crazy and old bat-ish about that.

The world of Middle age welcomes you and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it. So with every breath you take, and every move you make, learn to laugh, and laugh hard. The more self-deprecating, the better. It certainly beats the alternative…and eye puffiness.

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2 Responses to Female Midlife Crisis – Embracing Middle-Aged Madness

  1. stuartart says:

    I think that any midlife crisis is sparked by any of a number of things including: chicks flown the nest syndrome, divorce, redundancy, mortality, peer achievement etc. What each reminds us of is what we had planned for our lives before life took over. We all want to experience a level of achievement to leave as a legacy, we want the world to know we were here. Midlife crisis should be viewed as a positive urge to get on and DO something, something you are passionate about or at least used to be. Spend some time pondering what that might be – then, make it happen. :)

    • Karen says:

      Very true…Aging has a way of kicking you in your proverbial ass when it’s needed. A wake-up call for sure—especially for those that have had a brush with death, or a serious illness. Like it or not, our time here is limited, and the sooner we own up to that, the sooner we renew our own abandoned dreams, act on them, and commit to following through. Becomes hard to fail if we refuse to quit…
      There is something bigger in store for each and every one of us. Something that brings both contentment and value – the legacy you spoke of earlier.
      I think most of us would feel more complete knowing, we’re making a final exit and have left the world a better place.

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