The Scarlet Dogma

WELCOME! Glad you’re here! So what’s all the fuss about?
Well, aside from seeking catharsis, I created The Scarlet Dogma, as a venue to write and reflect on the irony and absurdity of life—my life, and how when you look back, you can find  humor in just about anything, including death (my own issues.) This blog is meant to be a compilation of musings, rantings, inspirational thoughts and occasional delirious nonsense when the clutter in my head creates blockage.

The Scarlet Dogma is a blog reflecting this outspoken redhead’s spirited dogma—my take on life’s experiences thus far; as an ex-New Yorker and fortuitous badass now living in Amish country, and as a single-parent in her forties (now fifty-four), blindfolded and thrown into that virtual playground we know as online dating, and of course there’s the bantering unreserved and impetuous smart ass…my soothing antidote to this absurd world we live in.

Aside from my spewing of thoughts, epiphanies and aha moments, any occasional rantings or mini tirades will be ruled by the Goddess of estrogen. On the average day however, my brain fog will be sure to seek out something deliciously provoking! So enjoy and please contribute!

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