Do You Taboo??? (The Sequel to my Prequel)

Da You Taboo?

Happy Monday, folks. (Talk about an oxymoron). I’d like to turn your attention to a subject we visited a little while back:

So.  Apparently, the biggest taboo is discussing taboos! Or, to be more precise, commenting on a blog that asks its readers to reply with their idea of what is or isn’t taboo today, or what fruits they feel we’re still forbidden from eating ― if any. To see what the heck I’m talking about, see my original post Taboo my Ass! Give me the Uncensored Version right here on The Scarlet Dogma. To the few of you who commented, I extend a ginormous thanks. You’re awesome. To the rest of you who chose not to, it would have been great to hear from you. But I suppose one of the nice things about blogs is you get to observe conversations without the pressures or time loss of full participation.  And in the age of video, it’s still a pretty damn cool thing that so much reading goes on.  And I love having all of you read my post, so again,  many thanks.

Today’s post is just my last call for comments to the above-mentioned guest post which I did for The Scarlet Dogma a few weeks back, as I’m about to begin work on the follow-up post, which will address the concept of taboos in today’s society (hopefully in an entertaining way! I certainly don’t put myself forth as a philosopher or academic… thank God.  I gave all that intellectually ambitious shit up when I bailed on a Ph.D and embarked on a career in film and television instead! Cue sound f/x of parents sobbing….) Mainly, I’ll be addressing taboos in American culture, since, like… I live here.  And I don’t need to make a total ass of myself speaking for the rest of the world.  I mean, who the hell knows what passes for a taboo in France…?  Wearing the wrong Hermes scarf to the market while buying a baguette?  Possibly, but not sure. Anyway, you get it.

So please, if you have something, anything, to add to this conversation, or simply wanna chime in, please do so in the next day or two. Because after that point, I’ll have to take this ball and run with it myself, with a hearty assist from those brave few who commented earlier.

Thanks! And I wish you a non-suckish (“suckish,” my daughter’s word—btw, feel free to borrow it) Monday!

– Minka Fieldstone

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