Preserving the Good name of Premarital Sex

Feel like a sex goddess…

While teen pregnancy is a credible issue that needs addressing, these overzealous abstinence-only teachings have not only defamed the good name of premarital sex, but done so at the expense of tarnishing the good characters of those girls who are having sex…and we’re in the majority!

I mean really. How rude is that!

Here’s a reality check for you:  Nine out of 10 Americans have had sex prior to marriage―including  Grandma. Yep, even Grandma  was rockin’ it back then, as were most women born in the 40’s; and I’m sure if asked, she’d have one or two things to say about the best places to meet men, masturbation, sex back in the day, and porn addiction.

Hmm, well that certainly challenges perceptions that women were more celibate in the past. Not that this should come as any surprise. Of course women born in the ’40’s had a lot of sex. They were the products of the ‘free love’ decade―and presumably, if people were having free love in the 60’s, they were born around the ’40’s.

But it doesn’t help us one bit (you know, us girls having sex), that despite these studies examining how sexual behavior before marriage has changed over time, there are still those conservative overzealous folks who propose that any sex before marriage is suspect―that this sick perversion to fornicate premaritally that we have manifested as a nation, is blasphemous and we’re all going to hell.

Well, I’m here to tell you, think again. There are plenty of honorable reasons for engaging in premarital sex, especially in this day and age.

The consummation of marriage is sacred, is it not? You’ve met the right guy, and you want your wedding night to be special. Well, there’s nothing special about unsophisticated and clumsy sex. Wouldn’t it be better to trip and fumble over past boyfriends and flings in order to gain that finesse, so that on your wedding night, you can impress your loved one and honor that union with sex that is the Sistine Chapel?

After all, if sex is meant to be an expression of true love, then it should be artful, should it not…and one must hone his craft to perfect his art―just sayin’.

Maybe you were one of those squeamish souls when it came to sex and the anatomy? Then go out and get some premarital sexual training, so that when you enter that committed relationship, the sight of a penis doesn’t make you cringe and prompt a house call from Dr. Ruth.

Your body is a treasure, one that should be saved for your husband. Well, yes…it should be; but the best way to preserve that treasure is not to lock it up and throw away the key. Instead, why not invest in your future, by building on your principle and gaining invaluable sexual skills―ones that will give you both a maximum return on your intimacy investment for years to come. He’ll thank you for it.

Take him or her for a test drive.

Take him or her for a test drive. You wouldn’t buy a car without test-driving it, and you wouldn’t hire a chef to cook for you if you hadn’t tasted what he’s prepared.  Chemistry is crucial to a marriage and a big part of that chemistry is in the bedroom. If two people aren’t satisfied sexually, there’s a good chance that one of you will stray to get your needs met.

First time sex is painful. Lots of foreplay and lubricant can relax a nervous female virgin and make intercourse easier, less painful, and certainly less traumatic. But wouldn’t it just be easier to have had some practice? And the idea that bigger is better is far from the truth when it comes to first-time sex with a well-endowed man. It can be downright… yikes! Enough said. Remember girls, we are fragile little flowers (settle down ye feminists), and this is your wedding night, so don’t get hurt! Explore, and ease into it so that when “the one” comes along, it is not only enjoyable but takes you both where no man has gone before.

Feel like a sex goddess… Nothing is more of an ego boost than hearing your partner praise your  performance in bed or express how turned on he was by that little thing you did to make him feel good…”Wow baby, where’d you learn how to do that!” You’ll be thinking, “Damn I’m good!”

Having multiple partners prior to being committed can be a great sexual exploration and learning experience to pick up and hone these sexual talents. Yes, I am a big proponent of premarital sex, but I am also completely in support of long faithful relationships―at whatever stage in a woman’s life, because they do provide such a fine sexual practice arena.

So, in the good name of premarital sex, those of you who chose to ‘give it away’ for honorable reasons, I salute you in the name of true love. Heaven’s gate awaits you.

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