Sassy Single Mamas Don’t Mess Around..

So, what’s with the name “The Scarlet Dogma,” you ask? Would that be a take on, “The Scarlet…

Correctomundo!…a slight take on “The Scarlet Letter,” bringing some attention to that sexy branding we single mamas are given, (the harlots, Jezebels and fallen women we are…NOT!) Clearly we have a long way to go in de-stigmatizing single-parent families and becoming more progressive in our way of thinking, (no thanks to narrow minded statements from the likes of big bad Bill O’Reilly)… But that’s another story, personal strife, and mini tirade that warrants it’s own billboard, or post…I’ll get to that!

First, let’s hear it for the sassy, smart and sane single mamas and papas who raise their kids to know God, be kind, love and respect. They work twice as hard and don’t get nearly the respect they deserve considering the obstacles in their life, shouldering the burden alone.

So this section will be devoted to them, and their stories about how moxie, ballsiness, cajones, chutzpah and fortitude allowed them to overcome in the face of adversity. Not only can we learn from them, but with their humor and wit, we want to laugh with them..

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3 Responses to Sassy Single Mamas Don’t Mess Around..

  1. dreamboatannie says:

    Nice, Karen! Glad you got this going…I’ll be keeping my eye on it!

    • Karen says:

      …Glad you took a peek Anne…chuckling…just took a stroll down memory lane and re-read a couple of your emails to me..ya know back in the day when there was a ruckus on the virtual playground…Sorry Chickadee, but “Python Boy” must re-surface once again..maybe this time he’ll have a cape?

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